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Paycheck Protection Program: As the pandemic of 2020/2021 ravaged the small business landscape in America, the Federal Government distributed over 11.6 million forgiven loans totaling $795 billion through the Paycheck Protection Program.

This program helps countless small business owners and employees to rebuild. SmartBiz Team takes pride in helping over 210,000 small business owners process their PPP loans with a network bank. SmartBiz helped one creative entrepreneur keep his business afloat.

Paul Hauer , a classically trained musician and violin teacher, was forced to pivot his operations. On 5/22/21 he uploaded the required business documents on the SmartBiz portal. He was funded successfully on 6/16/21.

This is how he and students dealt with the coronavirus and what he plans to do in his future.

Hauer’s first memories of childhood are those of a music-filled home. He was introduced to the Suzuki Violin Method at age six. Suzuki’s approach is characterized by the ideas of parental responsibility, love and encouragement, as well as constant repetition. Hauer recalls that he had to position his hand correctly on the bow 350 different times before his teacher allowed him to set the string. It wasn’t fun for me as a six-year old, but it made the violin more natural.

Hauer’s family is not the only one with musical talent. His father played Bach, Beethoven and Brahms on the piano after delivering mail for all day. All of his siblings play an instrument in some way.

Hauer says, “Our family is very collaborative.”

“We got better together and through friendly competition. My sister teaches violin, opera, and piano in Mexico. One of my brothers is a pianist with the Milwaukee Ballet. And my oldest brother plays both guitar and piano in Kansas. “My youngest sister is studying the violin at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor in her first college year.”

Hauer, who wanted to “be a small fish in a large pond”, decided to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Violin Performance at Oberlin Conservatory. He holds a Master’s Degree from the Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University.

Hauer spent a year in Indiana’s basement while traveling for auditions. He eventually landed a position with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

Hauer’s musical pursuits has given him solo concerts in Germany, Greece France, the Czech Republic and the Philippines.

He has performed chamber music and orchestral concert in Italy, San Marino and Singapore. Hauer, who has a full-time career as a performer, wants to give something back to the next generations of music lovers. He opened a violin school to help introduce students to the world of music and to guide them on their musical path.

Addison Teng, a close friend and colleague of mine, helped me to determine the best way to run a teaching studio. I was also teaching at the Fulton Summer Music Academy with him. He taught me how to create invoices, semester plans, studio policies and registration information.

Hauer has a personality that is ideal for teaching. He says, “I enjoy being helpful.” What I like is when a child really understands and makes that wonderful sound. It’s rewarding to see the positive results week after week.”

Hauer was forced to deliver all lessons online due to restrictions imposed by coronavirus. My students attended every lesson. “The dedication of students and parents during the pandemic has been great.”

Hauer began exploring funding options when it became clear that the pandemic would have a significant impact on his business. My tax advisor told that I was eligible for PPP because I had filed Schedule C. The rest of the process wasn’t difficult.

Hauer offers advice to other entrepreneurs who are looking for funding in the future. “Keep good records. I could provide an invoice or receipt if asked on the application. This was very helpful and allowed me to get funded within a couple of weeks.”

Hauer, who was battling the pandemic at the time, launched a new channel on YouTube to boost his online presence. “I wanted share the pieces that I love on YouTube in order to inspire myself and others. I started out with 10 videos, and now I have more than 100.”

Hauer will embrace word-of mouth marketing and grassroots promotions as the economy continues its opening. I’m a member of the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra. It helps me to grow as a teacher and gets my name out.”

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra completed a successful hybrid performance season, with limited and virtual seating. The safety protocols were followed and no COVID cases were reported. We have the entire 2021-2022 schedule posted on I hope that parents will understand the importance of music, and I’ll be able to attract new students.”

SmartBiz Loans have over 15,000 TrustPilot reviews with an average score of 4.6. Paul wrote a 5-star review after he was funded.

To learn more about Paul Hauer, visit his page on the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s website . We wish Paul, his fellow professional musicians, and his students the best! Thank you for working with SmartBiz Loans.

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