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Petros Dertsakyan has been a pet lover for his entire life. He lost his beloved dog as a child to complications of periodontal (also known as gum) disease. The seed of his future career was planted.

Dertsakyan, a molecular biologist and professor in this field, has always wanted to start his own business. He started his career in business by working for a biotech company and then a virtual reality startup. The entrepreneurial bug bit him and he began looking for his next business venture.

“I have always been a dog lover.” “I wanted to do something meaningful for pets and their parents to ensure that the pet’s dental health is taken care of,” says he. Dertsakyan uncovered some disturbing facts about the health of dogs in his research. He found that 8/10 dogs have signs of periodontal diseases by the age of 3 years and 95% of dog-owners don’t brush your dog’s teeth. A professional cleaning of teeth by a vet can cost up to $200 and come with some risks because the anesthesia is required.

Dertsakyan recognized a gap in oral hygiene products. There was no easy, effective or comfortable way to brush the teeth of a dog. Bristly was created as a revolutionary method for dogs to clean their teeth.

Dertsakyan wanted to design a device that would encourage dogs to naturally clean their teeth during play. He took into consideration the dog’s anatomy, chewing habits and behavior. He created the specifications, worked with engineers to develop a design that could be manufactured. “With just a sketch on paper and 3D model, I managed to attract investors who were willing to try my business idea.”

He was chosen to appear in the hit TV show “Shark Tank”, 2018 because his product was so unique. Lori Greiner agreed to fund his product after he made his pitch.

Dertsakyan was not deterred by the fact that the deal fell through. He worked tirelessly to bring Bristly and other pet products to all pet owners.

The Bristly dog chew toy is now available in the U.S., and it’s a 2-in-1 dental toy that has bristles on both sides to clean the dog’s teeth right down to the gumline. The reservoir is flavored with beef. Bristly offers dental treats, mouth cleaners and a complete line of dental products.

Dertsakyan used small term loans and lines of credit to fund his business once it was up and running. The terms were too short, and the payments impacted his cash flow. He began researching alternative funding options. I initially had a bad impression of SBA loan. He says, “I thought that SBA loans were only for small amounts and had restrictive usage rules.” “But I then discovered that I was able to get the amount that I needed on 10-year terms with a good payment and that would not impact my cash flow. This is a vital growth tool for any startup.”

Dertsakyan was in constant contact with Chris, the Relationship Manager, throughout the entire application process. He was so pleased with the service that he gave it a 5-star rating on SmartBiz Loans TrustPilot.

“AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Chris was the best. He made the process so simple. SmartBiz Loans has helped our business grow !”

Chris said, “Petros worked with me very well!” You can see his passion for Bristly and the company he runs. He was a successful businessman who understood his finances and corporate performance. “It is always a joy to work with individuals who have a plan for success and sustainable growth.”

Dertsakyan obtained a SBA loan of $250,000 for a term of 10 years. He says, “I am now able to refinance my debts and reduce my monthly payments by 1/3.” It’s an instant positive for us.

Dertsakyan plans to expand his business using the remaining funds.

He says, “I will expand my business by adding two more brands to the consumer market.” One of the brands will be low-calorie snacks for dogs and cat. “We have developed a natural, sushi-style treat using wild-caught salmon with specially developed ingredients for heart and digestion health.”

“It’s super healthy. I do practice what I preach. My wife cooks for our 6 dogs. We buy brown rice in bulk and add sweet potatoes and ground turkey. They’re spoiled,” he laughs.

Dertsakyan discusses the challenges involved in running a successful company. It’s like waking every morning up to multiple fires. “You have to put out one fire and let others burn,” he says. “You can’t do everything at once, because every day brings a new problem. How I used to make decisions and think is different from how I do now. It’s thrilling, but you need to be flexible and adaptable.”

Visit the Bristly site to learn more about dental products for dogs and order them for your pet.

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