SmartBiz Awards $25,000 to Minority-Owned Businesses

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SmartBiz Loans will announce five new recipients in December 2021. The program was created to help minority, veteran, and women business owners in the face of a pandemic. It is an extension to the SmartBiz mission, which is to provide every entrepreneur reliable access to capital. Each recipient will get $5,000 to rebuild their business in an economy devastated by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Evan Singer, CEO at SmartBiz says: “The SmartBiz Team is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs in the United States.” We know that better days are on the way, and we are proud to help small businesses rebuild.

Discover the entrepreneurial journeys of our grant recipients and their strategies to combat the pandemic.

Jasmine Parker is the owner of Art Therapy & Empowerment Services LLC(r), in Spring Hill, Florida. The organization offers art therapy sessions for teens to help them with solving problems, increasing their self-esteem, social skills and behavior management.

Jasmine believes in celebrating her clients’ achievements and says: “What I love most about my work are the smiles and sighs that come when teens and families see real changes! My clients say things like, “I think I’m getting better” or “Wow, my child hasn’t done this well for a long time, thank you.” ‘”

Eliana Stefanitsis is the owner of Molos Restaurant (r) and uses the proceeds to pay for uniforms for her staff and vendors. The gorgeous restaurant is located in New Jersey on the Hudson River and specializes in Greek seafood. Website of the restaurant:

We strive to provide guests with the best seafood, prepared daily and without compromise. This is in keeping with the tradition of generations of fisherman who brought their catch from the Mediterranean Sea daily on the docks.

Fatima Q. Sena is the owner and operator of MPower fitness(r) in Palm Coast, Florida. MPower Fitness, a rapidly growing gym for women, is dedicated to giving them a total wellness experience, including a structure and system. Fatima says that women can see results in the private environment, with weekly check-ins and unlimited training. They also have customized nutritional plans and accountability. She intends to use grant money to attract and serve a demographic of older people in her community, which has a large population of seniors.
Freedom Bremner is a storyteller, singer, songwriter and waffle lover. He describes himself as such on Instagram. He is the founding member of Houseofreedom LLC(r), located in New Jersey.

Freedom intends to launch the Houseofreedom All-Stars in 2022 to curate boutique groups utilizing world-class recording artists and musicians from New York/New Jersey. He will use the money to promote his online live music service.

Brandi Dobbins is the owner and operator of B’s Maple House Restaurant (r) located in Ontario, California. B’s Maple House, founded in 2020, is a soul food restaurant that combines California flavors with Southern delights. B’s Maple House aims to change people’s perceptions of chicken and waffles by bringing back Soul Food. Their website states: “We make cheat days fun!”

Brandi tells her story of owning and running the most unique Chicken & Waffles in California.

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