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In the past decade, email marketing has grown tremendously. It’s no wonder, as it is a simple way to send a message to your customers and potential customers. And when done correctly, it can be very effective. You may have noticed that people no longer think that it is very effective.

Nearly 20 percent of emails are now discarded without being even opened by their recipients. This is a staggering number, especially if you have invested time, energy, and money in creating your email campaigns.

Why? Spam emails that are utterly boring. Even the most loyal of customers get sick and tired of these emails.

Personalization is key for every business. According to research, organizations that use personalized email content have higher conversion rates because of increased customer satisfaction and engagement. Customers are more likely to stay loyal if they receive personalized emails.

Do you send emails that are not opened? You are. Here are some effective ways to incorporate personalization into email campaigns for improved conversions.

What is Email Personalization?

Email remains one of the most efficient channels for growing and maintaining your business. It’s impossible to go a whole week in marketing without hearing the importance of including your email address on your marketing materials.

Email personalization is a great way to excel in email-marketing.

Email personalization is the process by which you tailor your email messages to each individual customer. These experiences can include product recommendations and incentives.

If a recipient opened an email sent by your organization before, you could send them more relevant information than would be appropriate for other recipients.

The recipient will only see content relevant to their interests when they open your message. It can result in higher engagement rates and open rates, as well as less unsubscribes.

Why is Email Personalization important?

Personalized emails can help you become more relevant to subscribers. You can craft a message more likely to resonate, increasing:

Increases deliverability

Personalization increases the chances that your subscribers will receive the emails you send. Deliverability is the greatest challenge marketers face today. To ensure your emails are delivered without being blocked by spam filters, you must do all that is possible. You have to work hard to get subscribers to join your mailing list. It’s important to not send off-putting emails or too many as ISP filters are constantly looking for spam.

Conversion rates can be increased

can help you create content which speaks directly to your target audience. They are more likely to convert. Personalizing email can increase conversion rates up to 25 percent.

Retention and satisfaction increases

Email interactions that are personalized are harder to duplicate. Your customers are more likely return because they feel valued by your emails and satisfied by their experience.

Engagement rates increase

Businesses can increase website traffic by creating a personalized email experience. This will help to drive customer loyalty, and encourage them to spend more time on the site.

Use these tips to send personalized emails

Personalized Email Campaigns are the best way to connect with your audience. How does it work exactly?

You need to send out multiple versions of the same email to all visitors to your website. It’s important to create multiple versions of the same message.

You want every recipient to feel that you wrote the email just for them. Consider their name, their location, what they have done on your site, or anything else that could make them feel more special.

Start with the basics to get started. Understanding the basics will help you to ensure that your messages are delivered in the best possible way.

1. Optimizing Your Subject Line

According to Campaign Monitor (r), emails that have subject lines that resonate well with your audience are 26 percent more likely to get opened. Subject lines may seem obvious to marketers, but they might not be important to non-marketers.

The subject line of your email is the first thing that a recipient sees when they open it. This is your one chance to convince your recipients that the message you are sending is worth reading. This means that getting it right could make a big difference.

Use words that are action-oriented in order to attract your audience. Avoid using two or more full sentences in your subject lines. It is important to optimize and test your subject lines, as they have a significant impact on the open rate.

Optimizing the subject line of your email is about identifying what variables or elements are most likely to make your recipient read and respond to it.

2. Custom Fields

You’re not writing to just one person when you send marketing emails. Instead, you are writing to an entire list of recipients. Your emails should be as personalized as possible.

How can you achieve this? You can do this by adding custom fields to your emails.

Custom fields are a great way to send messages to different recipients based on their information. Custom fields let you send different messages to recipients depending on their information. If your product is an learning management system, you can use the recipient’s name and fallback term “future game-changer” if it is for a company. Your marketing and sales software will allow you to customize these fields. If you want to send a thank you email to a new customer, or if someone signs up on your website and purchases a product, then you can do that. You can add this message to the email without having to change anything else if you use custom fields.

Custom fields are, as you can see the holy grail for email personalization. You can add tags to emails based on the subscriber data. You can also modify specific areas of your content in order to reach your audience with greater accuracy. You can target specific contacts on your list.

3. Offer dynamic content

If you don’t have the time to get your message across in one email, people are unlikely to stay on your page for long enough so that they can read your entire message. Your emails will be more engaging if they are dynamic.

It’s not a good idea to send an email that contains links to several pages of content. This makes it difficult to follow. Use dynamic content to make your email campaigns more dynamic.

Dynamic content allows you to send personalized emails that link to specific content based on the unique profile of a person. You can alter sections in your email to make it more relevant to subscribers. Dynamic content offers are similar to custom fields in that they will increase your open and click rates.

The example that we gave earlier is a good everyday application. Say you are a clothing brand and your current campaign is for Father’s Day. You can then change specific portions of your message to make it more appealing to fathers. You can ensure that your customers see the best products by dynamically flipping content based on their demographics.

You can send the customer an e-mail with dynamic content that allows them to see all Father’s Day offers online that are available in their size and color preferences. You could also add links to alternative products that may be of interest, based on the previous purchases or articles read by that person.

4. Visuals are important.

When you receive an e-mail, what is the first thing you see? It is most likely the graphic or picture. People are drawn to images.

Include an image with your email to increase click-throughs. According to research, 80% of respondents are more likely to read and view an email that includes visuals. Emails with images are read more often than those without.

Let’s return to the father’s-day example from before. What are the typical father’s-day photos? Dads hugging the wife? Dads drinking beer? It can continue in many different ways. You can increase clicks and sales by personalizing the images of our email campaign to the role played by the subscribers during Father’s Day.

If you want your campaign to be optimized, adding images to your email should become a standard practice. Images show that you are interested in your readers and have included relevant information they may find interesting or useful. You also show that you took the time to create a customized email for your readers.

personalized pictures have also been shown to increase engagement. We process images 60,000x faster than text. When we add personalization to the image, we trigger a pattern interruption. This creates more attention and delivers that wow moment.

Are you ready to WOW your recipients with personalized emails?

When used correctly, personalized email campaigns can be a game changer. Remember that personalized emails are not a one-size fits all approach. Once you find the right combination for your audience and your business, you will likely see more customers and a better relationship with them.

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