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Do you want to find unique jewelry that is inspirational, whimsical and elegant? You should start by visiting the Rosemarie Collections website. This site sells more than just trendy costume jewelry. They also have accessories for every occasion, including watches, religious medals and cashmere scarves.

Jubal Douglass, Rosemarie Bauer and their small Ohio business started out modestly but have grown into a successful enterprise.

We spoke to Jubal about their preparations for the busy fourth quarter, and how they plan to expand.

Jubal and Rosemarie are not just business partners, but also family. Rosemarie, Jubal’s wife and mother-in law, has a strong business relationship.

Both women come from the fashion world with an eye for style and a sense of design. Jubal says, “I worked as a textile designer in the fashion industry for nearly 20 years.” Rosemarie has fashion and business experience, and she has worked for large brands such as Lane Bryant and Abercrombie & Fitch. Jubal says that Rosemarie has a Fine Art degree, and she also owns a bridal store. She also has jewelry experience. We have the right background to work together.

The business wasn’t started as a partnership. Rosemarie was in the process of exploring her next chapter. Her children had all left the house. “She began making bracelets, and sold them online on sites such as Etsy. Jubal says that her husband then got her onto Amazon. Rosemarie’s orders increased and she realized that there wasn’t enough jewelry for all the orders.

Jubal, meanwhile, had just been let go from her fashion design job. She was looking for a new career. Rosemarie was now buying products from online wholesalers, as Amazon had increased her business. She asked Jubal to join the team. The women formed a 50/50 LLC in 2014.

The business started in a spare bedroom before being moved to Rosemarie’s basement.

Rosemarie Collections has six employees and more than 2,600 items to sell. In 2018, Rosemarie Collections sold and shipped more than 46,000 items. They also sell in seven countries around the world.

Jubal says, “I believe we are successful because of our wide range customers.” Our collections are aimed at a wide range of customers, from teenagers to senior citizens. Over 3,000 styles are available, from bridal to inspirational to religious.

The two travel together to tradeshows where they can see the latest trends and purchase in bulk for next year.

Jubal says, “In this business it’s crucial to act and buy early.” “Rosemarie’s and my tastes are different, and it works.” She prefers classic style and I am more fashion-forward.”

The business started off lean and mean. Jubal and Rosemary did not pay themselves much, and instead invested most of their profits into the business. The pair used their business credit card to pay for expenses after forming their LLC. However, eventually they needed additional funding to meet the 4th quarter demand. We never had enough money for the fourth quarter, so we took a short-term loan with a six-month repayment term. I knew I wanted something better.”

Tragic events occurred during this period. Rosemarie suffered a brain damage after being hit by a vehicle. She is now thriving, but it was a long road. It took Jubal a couple of years to overcome the challenge.

Jubal re-visited the idea after Rosemarie’s condition stabilized. They were maxing their business credit cards to meet demand. She approached her bank, but rates and terms were not any better. She looked into SBA loans, and then connected with SmartBiz Loans in order to begin an application. Jubal was working closely with SmartBiz Relationship manager Manish.

He was very helpful and supportive during the entire process.

Manish says: “Working at Rosemarie Collections LLC has been a wonderful experience in every way!” Jubal and Rosemarie’s passion for their work was evident from the start. They have invested many years in growing their business. Rosemarie Collections experienced consistent revenue growth year over year. The owners wanted to exceed their previous growth levels. SmartBiz was contacted by the guarantors to help them finance their business. The business will have high sales throughout the rest of the year and will be well-positioned for a successful 2020. “I can’t wait for Rosemarie Collections to go!”

Jubal took the lead when it came to completing the SBA loan application. “I’m the financial person for the business. I keep the books and work with our accountant. The SmartBiz platform was simple and I love that I could upload documents online and didn’t have to scan and fax.” Rosemarie Collections secured a low-cost SBA loan for $100,000 with a ten-year term and low monthly payments from a SmartBiz marketplace bank.

The loan was funded just in time for 4th quarter stocking. Jubal reports that the money is mainly used for purchasing merchandise. We’ll also upgrade our laptop and printer. We’re in need of some social media help in the spring. Our Instagram and Facebook postings are inconsistent, so we want to hire someone for that. We want to brand the products in different manners. You could, for example, create a website that focuses on inspirational jewelry and another one focused on fashion.

Jubal admits that time management has become a problem as the business grows. Jubal says that it is difficult to turn off the business at night. The partners work long hours, but Jubal finds it a perfect fit. “I’m not able to take many days off, but I love that having my own business allows me to stay at home with my children.” “I have a 15 month old and a 4 year old that keep me very busy.”

Jubal and Rosemarie appreciate the chance to own their business. Jubal says, “We are grateful for the opportunity to own our own business and want to give back.” A portion of the sales of certain products are donated to different charities. “We are grateful for the chance to work for a company that we truly love.“.

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