12 Websites to Help Your Small Business

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Small business ownership can be stressful and confusing, but can also be rewarding. You’ll need technology, software and websites, whether you are a business owner or not. Here are some websites that can benefit your small business.


You can easily post a free job listing on websites such as Indeed and receive qualified candidates within a matter of days. You can attract more candidates to your job listing if you sponsor it. Small businesses can benefit from online job boards because they offer a way to reach out to a large number of candidates without having to invest a lot of money.

It takes a lot of time to sift through all the resumes that you receive. You can use software for HR management to search resumes using important keywords. If you are looking for a Social Media Marketer, your HR software can be asked to filter out resumes that include “Facebook(r), Ads.”

Shareable for Hires (r)

Hiring the best employees can grow your business. Once you have found the employees you wish to hire, it’s important to confirm that they are a genuine business prospect. Shareable For Hires lets you run background checks and receive results immediately, instead of waiting on an agency to perform it.

The website provides detailed guides on HR management, from employee engagement strategies and benefits to offer.


You can track your employees’ attendance using Deputy. Deputy allows you to monitor your employees’ attendance and find out if they are on time or not, how many days they have taken off and if they worked overtime.


It can be difficult to deal with business paperwork, especially if this is your first time starting a company. BizFilings helps you to fill out all the paperwork required so that you don’t have to guess. This website has all the forms you need to start any business type, whether it’s an LLC or a partnership.

BizFilings will help you choose the right type of entity for your business based on its structure and requirements.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Bureau of Labor Statistics provides detailed information on the economy and industries. The website also provides information on employment, compensation and productivity.


Choose HubSpot if you want to manage all your marketing processes and data in one place.


In the digital age , it’s rare for a business to not have a website. You can create a WordPress site without a developer if you do not have the budget.

Remember that templates may not be the best choice if you plan to make frequent changes to your site. Find freelancers who can design a beautiful, easy-to use website by posting a job or using Upwork(r).

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you a lot of information about your site, including how many people visit you each day, their interests and when they leave. There are data analysts who can help you better understand your statistics and come up with ideas to improve your digital efforts.


Allow your employees to easily track their projects and tasks without having to carry around paper and a pen. ClickUp can be used to track daily tasks and projects that have deadlines months away.

Before upgrading, you can test ClickUp on yourself or a small group of employees to learn how you can use it to increase efficiency and productivity.


Selecting the right partners for your business can help to increase their profit. You still need to find out which businesses will be the best partners for you. Trustpilot is perfect for businesses who work with other companies. Trustpilot allows you to evaluate potential partners, such as vendors, manufacturers and distributors.

Trustpilot gives you a TrustScore (r) for nearly any company. You can also read reviews before investing in a partnership.


Communication is essential, whether your team works from the office or at home. You can chat with your employees, and they can chat among themselves instead of emailing or calling each other. Sending a quick message takes just a few moments. Slack has become a favorite for remote teams, as it is easy to chat and share files. It also integrates with many other software programs.

Google Drive

Google Drive makes it easy for teams to store and share files. You can share your files with your whole staff, or you can keep certain folders private. You can store your bank asset on Google Drive.

You will never lose any files again. Even if someone accidentally deletes a file it can be recovered for 30 days. We still recommend that you work with an IT team of experts to backup your files just in case.

The right tools will help you succeed. To begin with, you need to choose the best tools for your company and team. Ask your employees about the tools they have used in the past and how these can help them perform their job more accurately.

Google is a great way to find websites and software. Before investing money in any website, do your research to see if the site can actually help you grow.

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