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We’ve taken a look at the resources that have been most helpful to small businesses during this time of uncertainty. There are so many apps that can keep us organized in our daily lives and satisfy our cravings, from the comfort of home or our couch.

We’ve compiled a list that includes the top apps for small businesses.

These tools have been useful to us in the last year and will continue to be helpful for your small business team.

For Team Wellness

The health and wellbeing of your team can have a significant impact on their performance. Consider creating a office fitness challenge if you and your colleagues are feeling less motivated while working remotely. These activities are popular at work, but a app allows you to do them remotely. Friendly competition can also boost morale and help your coworkers feel more motivated.

Even if you don’t want to compete with your colleagues, encouraging your teammates and yourself to take regular breaks, to stay hydrated and to be active can boost morale and keep everyone healthy. This will benefit your entire business, whether it is remote or not.

Imagine this: You get out of bed, and your head starts to pound. It becomes impossible to sit in front of the computer for endless Zoom meetings. The bathroom cabinet is empty of the pain relievers you need. You’re pressed for time and desperately trying to hold on to your sick days. What should you do? Use an app to deliver your otc drugs to your door. You can order supplies to be delivered directly to your office. You could save time and money by ordering essential supplies at the last minute. Delivery apps are now a regular part of our lives, no matter how they’re used. Why not use them to benefit your team?

Keep Organized

It is not uncommon for sticky notes to fall and calendars with scribbled appointments to be illegible. Check out this mobile app to organize your “aha!” moments, calendar reminders, and to-do list in one place. You can even share your creative ideas with the rest of your team.

With, you can edit and scan documents from anywhere. You can use features such as HD Scanning or file editing as long you have your smartphone with you. The coolest feature is Optical Character Recognition. OCR software is used to convert an actual paper document or image into an editable electronic version. There’s also a digital signing function that allows you to get documents signed without sending them by snail mail or traveling to your coworker.

For Team Management

What are you doing if you haven’t joined the Slack team yet? In this age of remote work, communication with your team has never been easier. Use “chat rooms” to quickly update your team on a project or share information with them about the latest pandemic hobby. Slack allows you to make a phone call or video chat right from its platform. Costs for small and medium businesses start at only $6.67/month. You don’t need to worry that it will take a big chunk out of your budget.

This program is another time-saver when it comes to streamlining project management. All in one place, you can create goals, set deadlines and coordinate tasks. Each individual can “check off”, the item as they complete their tasks. This allows everyone to know where the other team members stand with their parts of the project. The team of 15 or less can use it for free.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

tax time is fast approaching. It’s probably the most challenging time of year for small business owners, as it is expensive to hire external help. These top-rated mobile and web apps will keep you organized, even when on the move.

QuickBooks offers a mobile application that lets you manage all your business needs, from invoicing to payroll and expense reports to tax preparation. You can test it out for $20/month and see if you like it. We’re confident it will.

Kashoo gets that being a small business needs small-business-specific solutions. This is a great tool for digital professionals, freelancers and contractors who want to simplify their accounting. It has a built-in safety feature that categorizes transactions automatically, ensuring you are compliant with IRS or CRA. Another safeguard prevents you from accidentally duplicate entries.

How to Manage Your Small Business

Small business owners with many hats can find it difficult to manage schedules, whether they are for their employees or services that you offer. There are a number of apps available to help you with this.

This platform provides a variety of solutions to help your small business. Square offers POS systems and tools to grow your business. You can also get live support when you require it. You can also manage your internal payroll and timecards through the platform. You’ll never be stuck with outdated and slow systems because they are always updating their products. Square is a one stop shop for your business, including website design and management.

This appointment booking software add-on is popular for small businesses that want to optimize their ability to schedule individual clients for services. Gigabook integrates with 3rd-party platforms such as Office 365 and Quickbooks. It can connect with popular site builders such as Wix, Weebly and WordPress. Subscriptions begin at $12/month when paid by full-year installments. Otherwise, it’s $15/month. You’re looking for another option for booking appointments, scheduling important meetings, or any other internal dates. These 7 best scheduling apps for business are worth a try.

Inventory software is essential for any business that sells products, whether as a retailer or as part a service. The days of manually counting each item are over. Sortly allows you to track items by QR codes or barcodes using your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can allow restricted access to employees so that you won’t be left behind while you are on vacation.

The conclusion of the article is:

Small business management requires a dedicated army of passionate, motivated and driven individuals who are willing to sacrifice everything for a common goal. As difficult as it is, there are many tools that can help.

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