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Pet ownership has many benefits. Pets can help reduce anxiety, depression and loneliness. They can also improve cardiovascular health through increased activity.

There is also a less-than-fun side to the game. It’s poop. Pets do poop, and pet owners are responsible for cleaning up and disposing the waste.

You can’t skip this chore either. By picking up your dog’s waste, you can help prevent the spread of parasites, bacteria and viruses to humans or other animals. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to discover dog poop in their yard the hard way.

Doo Doo squad at the rescue!

Todd Miller, an entrepreneur, decided to take on the pet waste removal task. His business has grown tremendously since he started it seven years ago. It is now Sacramento’s top pooper-scooper service.

The Doo Doo Squad team keeps yards safe and healthy for families and their four-legged companions. Miller says, “We understand that time is precious and our pet waste collection service in Sacramento gives pet owners the time they need to enjoy their yard without having to spend hours cleaning it up.”

Miller is a 25-year business veteran. I worked as a marketing consultant, and my work was recognized nationally for its excellence in digital and print marketing. I decided to put my skills to work and start my own business.

He began researching and decided that he would like to start a company without having any inventory or bricks and mortar. “I looked at the dog waste cleaning industry and knew I could be better.”

Miller’s success can be attributed to his willingness to pursue continuing education. He says, “I am always interested in expanding my business skills.”

Miller does not just improve his skills; he also provides a six month leadership course to his staff. The educational programs don’t only provide information; they also have a financial benefit. My business has grown by enhancing my knowledge, and that of my employees.

Doo Doo Squad cleans thousands of yards each month. The team members not only scoop poop but also deodorize, and clean the dirty surfaces. The employees are paid an hourly rate that is competitive, receive bonuses and drive company cars with their name and number prominently displayed.

Miller decided that outside funding would be a great way to reach his growth goals in 2022. He went to SmartBiz, and ultimately obtained a $300,000.00 SBA loan through a SmartBiz-affiliated bank.

“The quick response to emails and phonecalls and the follow-up was excellent. The experience was flawless. “I would recommend SmartBiz for everyone”, says Miller.

Jimmy R., the specialist in funding operations, worked closely with Miller throughout the application process. He said, “Todd Miller is a great person to work with.” I think the capital injection will give his business the funding it needs to scale.

Miller put the money to good use by hiring a Chief Finance Officer who helped position the company for future growth. He also paid down existing debt in order to increase cash flow and finance additional growth initiatives.

Visit the Doo Doo Squad website for their customized cars, friendly staff and more than 950 positive customer reviews.

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