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Vanessa Carter, the founder and CEO at One View Communications (r) was incorporated in 2012. Carter’s business has survived the coronavirus outbreak and is now poised to grow with the help of an SBA Loan provided by a SmartBiz member bank.

Carter says, “I enjoy my job a lot.” My coffee cup says “Do what you enjoy”. Like what you’re doing.” She is a clearly happy business owner who shares her story of a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

One View in Northeast Ohio offers simple solutions to small and medium businesses. Carter and her team are dedicated to providing clear and reliable voice communications and data through high-quality internet services, Voice over IP services and cloud services.

Carter began her career in manufacturing, and then moved to the field of telecommunications. She initially resisted entering the industry. Back then, technology was not a ‘hot’ thing. The space was developing and there was no DSL.

She took up a position in sales and customer support. “I enjoy sales because I am able to be a customer advocate, and understand their needs. I paid my dues doing actual door-to-door sales calls. “It set me up for my own business.”

She worked for others as she rose through the ranks but not all situations were ideal.

“I was negotiating creative contracts, but my company refused to accept them. It was frustrating. Carter says she couldn’t stand it anymore. She was always in the top five producers and knew that she could achieve that with her own business. She says, “I had butterflies in my stomach when I made the decision.” “It was sink-or-swim and I decided not to sink.”

Building One View Communications


Carter built his business slowly, bringing in strategic partners to help him sell services. “We cater for SMBs. We cater to SMBs. “We handle it all.”

One View receives excellent recommendations from word of mouth despite minimal advertising. One View’s work vans are branded with company logos, which helps them to raise their profile within the community. Clients find them via Google(r) without Carter paying for paid advertising.

Carter was able to save money on HOA, tax, and mortgage payments by selling the commercial building where One View operated. She and her employees – six in Ohio and 1 in New York – switched to remote working. Carter was offered a forgivable Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), a government-sponsored loan that covered medical and pay period benefits.

One View has continued to operate despite the economic downturn and received positive reviews. One CEO writes: “Vanessa and One View Communications demystified the technology/telecommunications field for us. She helped us identify our communication needs and found the best solution for us. Now we have what we want at a reasonable price. Vanessa is an experienced professional who has proved her commitment to be a true business partner.

One View’s momentum has not been lost by moving to the remote. She says that the team is kept connected by a daily morning meeting. It is difficult to work remotely. It is difficult to decompress and turn off the computer without having to commute home.

Carter tries to achieve a work-life balance that is manageable. “Business owners must refresh themselves, calm down, and enjoy the weekend. It doesn’t matter what it is. “I really try to log out each evening.”

SmartBiz (r) Experience

Carter has worked with SmartBiz before and found that the funds were extremely helpful in helping her achieve business goals. She decided that she would need additional funds to move forward in 2022. She obtained a $275k SBA Loan from a SmartBiz bank, guided by SmartBiz Relationship manager David.

David was a tough guy and he challenged me to consider the reasons behind funding. Carter explains that as we progressed through the process I found each question to be relevant and thought-provoking. It was very enlightening.

David: “It was a pleasure to work with Vanessa on obtaining an 7(a), SBA Loan. Vanessa was a pleasure to work with throughout the loan application. She was professional and organized. She also understood the reasons for each step. She understands the importance of her business to her community. She has a plan for growing her business. “I am happy to be able help entrepreneurs access the capital they need for their business, and to be part of their journey!”

Carter will use the SBA loan money to pay for marketing costs, vendor costs, to stabilize cash flow and to hire temporary workers to complete projects. She wrote this 5-star TrustPilot review about her SmartBiz experiences.

I applied for an SBA Loan with SmartBiz Loans. The experience was great and I was also able to see my business through the eyes of a lender, which helped me evaluate our business. David, the person who was assigned to me, was a pleasure to work with. He was responsive and made it easy to understand. The requests were explained in a way that everyone was on the same page. This made it easier to collect all documents because we knew why they were required. It was a wonderful experience. I would recommend SmartBiz for anyone looking to get SBA funding or any other type of funding for their company.

Future Plans

Carter is thrilled to lead the expansion of One View. She is the embodiment of Keeping Your Priorities in View, which is the logo for One View Communications. She can’t imagine retiring or selling her business. “I love what I’m doing and I imagine I will continue to work in some capacity.”

Contact One View Communications if you are a SMB and need high-speed, reliable internet access, or a private fiber data solution. Tell them SmartBiz referred you. We wish Vanessa’s team all the best!

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