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A dissatisfied realtor with big dreams took a huge leap of faith on January 11, 2017. Ronnie George, a real estate professional with big ideas, left a well-established firm to start The George Group (r), a licensed Louisiana brokerage.

George’s success was a priority from an early age. He had an outgoing personality, and he was driven by results. His hard work and innovative sales strategies paid off quickly. Here’s the story of how George started a successful business and helped his employees achieve success.

George’s path to becoming a business owner was not the traditional one. He originally planned to go to college but changed his mind when he became father aged 18. George describes his approach to his early career. “I explored many options, but I ultimately decided to pursue real estate.” It was a true trial-and-error process as I tried to learn the industry on my own.George’s first real estate job was with a large company, but he was not happy.

I was a successful agent, but for a very large franchise. The business model was very rigid.

George weighed his options and obtained a broker’s license. He then started working on his own. He began by learning as much as he could about his industry. He says he used YouTube videos and keywords to do research on the internet. George says that learning is a constant part of his life. “I have listened to audiobooks for hundreds of hours to learn everything I can about business. If I hear anything interesting, I look up the source. “I’m used to learning as much as I can by working hard.”

George loved working for himself but as his business knowledge grew he realized he could also help others. “I decided to be the lifeboat of agents. I decided that helping other agents market their services and recruiting them would increase my opportunities and help me reach the next level.

George founded The George Group, and hired real estate agents in Louisiana to help with the sale of residential property, new construction and commercial properties. Twenty agents now work for him. He says: “I want to give people an opportunity by getting them out of their phones and into the real world. I train my agents to provide the services that clients want.George, a business student who is always interested in the latest developments, also has a keen interest in psychology.

“I try to determine how my employees fit my dynamic and how they all get along. What’s their intrinsic motivation and what steps can they take to succeed?”

He takes time to understand the personalities of those he works with. “I decide how to speak to each member of my team, whether they are young or old, a woman or a man. Others don’t want to laugh. “I like to inspire my employees by treating them the way they would want to be treated.”

George’s agents enjoy the full service of a real estate company that uses cutting-edge marketing strategies to boost sales. The company offers drone photography, social advertising, weekly emails, and other services to help streamline the sales process. The George Group now has $114+ millions in sales and is ranked the top independent broker in Louisiana in terms of sales volume for 2019 and 2020.

The brokerage was not always so successful. George says: “I started with 100 percent of my own money. All the money I earned, I invested back in my business. “I eventually took out a credit card for my business, but had never considered a loan before I came to SmartBiz.”

George decided that he needed additional capital to help him achieve his business goals in early 2022. I looked at the bigger picture and wanted more resources to be available for my agents. I will hire a videographer and photographer to help with sales and pay off debts to increase cash flow.

George wrote a about his experience: George wrote a 5-star Trustpilot(r)reviewabout his experience:

The team was a pleasure to work with. The team was very professional and I was amazed at how quickly things were completed. The rates and terms are very good .”

George worked closely alongside the SmartBiz account manager Diamond. She said, “It’s been a pleasure working with Ronnie.” He was very positive, straightforward and kind. He was calm and provided me with documents and answers to my questions quickly. “I know that the business will be successful as each use of the loan is clearly defined and laid out.”

George looks back on his career as a small business owner. Early on, I learned how to delegate tasks and show up only for those that you can. It has helped me become a better owner of a business and set goals for my future. It also frees up my time.”

He uses some of his spare time to work on a side-project. George works with his son, who is in high school and runs his own handyman company. The two are currently working together on a demolition project.


George always looks to the future for The George Group. In ten years’ time, I want to have several offices in the state. I want to hire agents who can help them to succeed and move up the ranks.

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